domingo, 26 de setembro de 2010

Campos, " YES WE CAN"

" We can, we believe and we changed a nation
You, the residents of this magnificent city, may change as well.
I certainly give my vote to this serious and intelligent person who is the Di Donato Aloisio.
When working with the Latin people, Di Donato was of paramount importance in the development of maintenance of human rights.
I think people like that, it is possible to change a history of fraud leading to the city as experienced moments of real development
therefore, Obama would do as I do, vote and Di Donato between this green wave.

E não é que é?
Ganhamos a enquete em nosso Blog e de sobra o apoio do OBAMA.
Valeu a todos que acreditaram e acreditam nessa luta. vamos que vamos...

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